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Temporary suspension of WLA seminars and events

In light of the continued spread of the coronavirus, the WLA has decided to suspend all seminars and events until further notice. This includes all seminars in cooperation with the five regional associations – ALA, APLA, CIBELAE, EL, and NASPL – as well as any committee meetings that were planned to be held in the immediate future.

A decision on the World Lottery Summit (WLS 2020) has not yet been taken. A move to suspend WLS 2020 will depend on how the situation with the coronavirus develops in the coming weeks.

We hope these measures will not cause any undue inconvenience. This decision was not taken lightly, but with the safety and interest of our members in mind. Following the best advice of government health officials around the globe, we will continue to monitor the situation and update WLA members as needed.

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Kazakhstan 03-11-2022 11:30
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Lebanon 03-11-2022 16:30
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